#deletefacebook A Pointless Exercise

I really do not see the point of #deletefacebook exercise.

a) the deed is done ✅

b) even if you delete all digital accounts, still the deed is done ✅

c) you can’t delete your bank accounts, and your email, the high street shops are dwindling, so you need to fall off grid completely, and even then the deed is done ✅ your data will follow you.

d) even if all humans will #deletedigital , go live amish, the satelites will still track them and some sales person will go in a horse pulled cart to sell some Chinese made shovels

Same as the notion of the nation, privacy is, historically, a fairly new concept.

Nothing was private in the village. Upto GenX there were at least 3generations living in a household, and neighbours knew pretty much all. Like Dune Universe, games within games within games.

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