Account Based Marketing

Account Based Marketing Basics

Suitable for B2B marketing Account Based Marketing has higher ROI and it is more closely aligned with sales.

What does #abm require?

1. Research of decision factors within a company, sometimes manual research

2. Content tailored to a market of one. Inbound marketing for one. Content which helps

3. Use of a CRM platform or Account Based solution.

As it is more effort-intensive from traditional marketing aimed at whole market segments, it is a solution to be considered only in alignment with wider business strategy, for products or solutions with higher profit margins.

Christina D’oro Hooley is • The Sales enabler • Offering Full stack marketing Solutions through Purple Orca Marketing • A Sophisticated marketer using interdisciplinary approach between data, creative and emerging technologies.

“I work with businesses, personal brands and products that struggle to get their message across because they are unclear and scattered in their approach. I do this by offering full stack marketing solutions, a 360 degrees solution centred around strategy and I enable sales through sophisticated marketing based on applied semiotics.”

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