Needs and Wants – Key to Shorter Customer Journey. Sales Enablement

Selling & Branding start with understanding. #marketing #monday #marketing-Monday //

Needs are universal, wants are cultural.

Everyone is hungry, but what would you want to eat is conditioned by where you grew up, what your mother cooked etc

To even begin your strategic marketing, before calling the marketing agency you need to understand profoundly your customer.

Do not forcefully invent niches and project wants as needs.

No one ever needed an unicorn ? frappe. No one even needs a latte!

However, for a milenial or a gen Z who is struggling with financials and career, an unicorn latte might just fulfill a need to believe in a dream, to keep sane, and keep going.

Correctly identify the needs, market them accordingly within the cultural background to make yourself understood – and your sales team energy will be on putting together quotes, not battling objections or dropping prices.

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