Account Based Marketing Strategy

Account Based Marketing really allows you to integrate your website, CRM and email marketing programs together in one place to never lose contact with a lead or client again. Account Based Marketing Server provides various marketing automation tools that allow you to do:


Once your contacts are in Account-Based Marketing Server, you can set up email campaigns to your contacts based on a wide variety of tags. For example, you can select contacts that came from “web” and send them out a specific campaign. You can also select contacts by industry, interest, or however else you have categorized them and send out campaigns that are specific to them. Unlike many of the free email marketing solutions, once you install Account Based Marketing Server, you are not limited by the number of contacts you can enter or the number of emails you can send.


Have you ever wanted to know if a client or lead has visited your website? Now you can! Account Based Marketing Server works with your website to help identify contacts by IP address or cookie. You can then see and/or get notified when a specific lead/client visits your site. Your sales people can then reach out to someone whom you know is interested.


Account Based Marketing Server has a complete landing page and contact form builder included. You can easily create a landing page unique to any promotion, add a form and collect leads just like the pros! Little or no HTML/CSS is required.


If you’ve ever wanted to set up a series of timed emails that go to new leads, now you can. Many of the other solutions for this type of strategy are very expensive and hard to manage. Account Based Marketing Server puts this function together with all the other functionality of collecting leads so that you can easily build drip campaigns. The campaign builder is drag and drop, so once you’ve created the messages, you just drag and drop a flowchart of how you want them sent out. Once this is set up, your marketing just happens in the background. Your clients will let you know when they are ready to buy.


Tired of your sales reps complaining that the leads are no good? Well, you now have a solution with Account Based Marketing Server. You can assign points to your leads and the points accumulate. So for example, a website visit is 10 p0ints, a form fill is 50 points, and opened email is 5 points, etc. Let’s say you’ve determined that 75 points are a sales-ready lead. You know have a way of only sending sales-ready leads to sales!


Let’s say you have two unique types of clients. For the purposes of this example let’s say “buyers” and “renters”. Wouldn’t it be great to customize your landing pages, emails, and messages based on whether the lead is a buyer or renter? Now you can! Account Based Marketing Server supports dynamic content. So you can change portions of a landing page or email based on whether the lead is a buyer or a renter.


Account Based Marketing Server integrates with many CRM’s like Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, SuiteCRM, and Zoho. You can add new leads to Account-Based Marketing Server from the CRM or push new leads to the CRM once they are sales-ready. This is a great feature that makes managing your marketing system and communications with your sales team automated and super easy.

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You have a choice of undertaking training to use the ABM servers or allow Purple Orca to implement your account based marketing campaigns. 


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