Why settle for a cow?

When you can have a whale.

Marketing 101: “Me too” will kill your business. In a field of brown cows, the purple cow gets noticed. The Purple cow stands out.

Why settle with a purple cow, when you can have a whale? The Orca is powerful, strategic and executes flawlessly both when hunting independently or as a pod(team).

Purple Orca is a marketing consultancy which does things differently. Hugely different. That is our brand.

Our solutions are built around the engineered message, by applying science of semiotics. We deploy on digital and real life. We analyze the data. We integrate with sales.

Our approach has had significant, lasting results deployed on streamlined budgets. Powerful, clear messages and visual storytelling which create heartbeat after heartbeat – emotion, energy.

One heartbeat at a time – we are building a new type of relationship with your customers – marriages. Where your customers will have a bond with your brand.


Finance = Operations + Marketing

Deploying consistent, high quality marketing  is not a matter of nice to have, but must have. It is critical for your business. For staying in business.


Execution.  Digital empowered marketing and at the same time, it has added so many moving parts which make keeping the plates spin challenging. There is also balancing the P&L. You need to be able to adjust your marketing budget swiftly.



Right message to the right market segments. One heartbeat at a time. Always built to enable sales.



Breathing life into your business

All industries are facing exponentially increased competition and disruption. How do you keep up without entering the price wars?

A different approach is needed. Where your customers are not aggressively “branded”. Or lured into intoxicating “love affairs” which leave them with a buyer remorse…

Heartbeats – our methodology – looks into producing micro experiences along the customer journey, which raise the pulse a bit, like when your children ride their bike for the first time. Heartbeat. And another heartbeat. From social media, to your website, your advertising, video, promotions, to your call waiting, your customer service, everything to support your sales team.

Building trust.

Knowing your personas, having a coherent, complete brand guidelines manual, which includes not only the visual but is built bottom up, from your team values, producing messages which are honest, genuine communications which resonate with your customers, deploying campaigns which are consistent will ensure sustainable growth and market resilience. Digital and automation multiply the effect of the value propositions and campaigns and work seamlessly to enable sales.

Convenient: we are one phone call/email away to sorting any marketing need.
Affordable: compare the cost of employing a full-time team/assistant/manager + various specialised agencies to having one point of contact, with budgets which include both management and execution. You can adjust your marketing activity according to your needs.

From Brand Awareness To Sales Enablement

Brand Awareness: If it didn't work nobody would do it.

Try and set up a stall at a market. Hide it really, really well. Do not shout your wares. See how that goes.

Or shout for the first half an hour, and come back before the end of the day, to notice there have been no sales and panic into ” 3 for a pound!”

But effective marketing which qualifies leads for the sales team goes beyond brand awareness. A brand needs now to build trust, weave itself into customer experience, provide convenience, and a shorter customer journey which saves time.

Allow Purple Orca do your marketing right.

Sales Enablement

Sales toolkit - content, email attachements etc + leadgen: Digital marketing, Account Based Marketing

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Website design

We produce elegant, unique websites : from brochure website to medium range, content rich, integrated functions to e-commerce websites

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Social media

Social media branding, social media management, social media PR, social media crisis management

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Branding guidelines

A complete branding manual with logo variations,colour scheme, values, tone of voice

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Graphic design

All you could need graphic design: adverts for the press, brochures, flyers, product sheets, annual reports

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Content/ Copy/ PR

One of the greatest challenges in marketing is content production. by using our Heartbeats method, we can produce fresh content which is aligned to your brand.


Working with a series of suppliers we can provide from world-class video production to client testimonials

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Audio branding

Ensuring consistency throughout your video, call waiting is key to establish a multi dimensional brand, easily recognisable

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For specific demographics digital marketing and social media are not the best marketing channel. Purple Orca will negociate SLAs, produce the creative and manage the camapign and retrive ROI

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Radio, especially local stations are increasingly regaining importance

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Direct marketing

GDPR will limit your ability to reach out for new business, but direct mail is interruption free, and within legitimate interest

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supplier of printing services

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Either brick and mortar or digital business, outdoor is needed.

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Fleet livery

Send your message driving around

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The most effective leadgen and sales activity

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Search Engine Optimisation

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Paid digital advertising: AdWords, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn

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Community management

Sales long game - social media group and web community management

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Christina D’oro Hooley

• The Sales enabler
• Offering Full stack marketing Solutions through Purple Orca Marketing
• A Sophisticated marketer using interdisciplinary approach between data, creative and emerging technologies.

“I work with businesses, personal brands, and products that struggle to get their message across because they are unclear and scattered in their approach. I do this by offering full stack marketing solutions, a 360 degrees solution centered around strategy and I enable sales through sophisticated marketing based on applied semiotics