“Me Too” Will Kill Your Business

Digital marketing value proposition:- you can reach millions for a fractions of a cost.

But the millions are somewhat indifferent to your message.

Language matters.

Purple Orca draws power from the crafted word. We read and write. A lot. Science. Code. Semiotics. Engineering. 3D. AI. Poetry. Blogs.

What’s in it for me? (1) You will ask when Purple Orca pitches you creative language skills and semiotics… Business is risk averse and creativity is perceived as risky: “I do not want a poet handling my marketing”

Here is some trivia for you: AI and poetry work with same building blocks: semantic fields. AI is being built to understand, parse and action on figures of speech. AI is built to free marketing speak from “keyword boredom”

So we can start talking to humans, the human way.

The power of language:

The rage of the undone


Software with 567 features to tackle your to do list.

I write poetry sometimes. Its language, its ways always help me reach deeper meaning and understanding.

Marketing is about humans. Brands are about humans.

As soon as a brand becomes an artificial construct, it loses employee buy-in, hence loses employee advocacy, loses its power to attract, connect and sell.

When looking at successful campaigns and strategies, we must look at the “why” not the the “how” it’s been executed. If a brand simply copies a procedure, the results are luke warm at best. When we look into the why, we draw inspiration, and our brand is viable, strong, confident, alive. Which humans are attracted to. And soon enough, robots, too. See, already search engines penalise duplicate content.

Being a copycat does not pay.

Fact: competition is fierce and growing.

Fact: #metoo is a hashtag.

Fact: language is the most powerful instrument in your tool kit. #salesenablement #marketingdoneright

There are more solutions to save time than ever. Marketing got stuck into the great era of advertising of 60s and 70s when a hoover and a washing machine were life changing.

Looking at the bigger picture, time is now lost in hopping between solutions, for ever decluterring our homes, cleaning too many kitchen appliances.

Snap out of the double whammy #copycat propositions. Snap out of the Mad Men marketing communications. Snap out of carbon copying your industry/sector formulae.

It will kill your business.

Look at the rage of the undone. Now this is a bleeding need.


Seems that I am not the only one ☝️

Business language is boringly uniform, with all executives latching onto the same business jargon du jour: core competency, buy-in, holistic, agile, forward-looking, reengineering, excellence, scale, customer-first, and so on. When you happen upon someone who can communicate the same idea clearly, without using the clunky worn-out words and phrases, it feels like a magnetic pull.


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