Double Punch: What you say + where you say it. Result.

What you say:

This is how a simple choice of words can make or break your lead generation:

Example: “Xbrand is a solution.” = equals “one of many, I simply cannot be asked to be looking into this”

Better: “Xbrand is the solution for you” = “hm, seems that I am that ‘you’. Let me look into this”

To have someone identify themselves with the “You” in the value proposition is brand story telling. It starts with identifying the personas, creating the right language and visual storytelling, and it builds up with where you place the message and test how engaging your content is.

At Purple Orca we use semiotics in crafting the message, to reduce the amount of testing and data parsing.

How does #semiotics help #sales and #marketing?

Simply put, it analyses the signs in the socio-cultural environment. Boring, right?

Exciting! Signs are the traffic lights which direct your future customers to your product/service.

It makes or breaks any marketing campaign.

Where you say it:

Cambridge Analytica and GDPR are watershed moments. “Put that flyer on social media, too” is not going to work. Your website is still the beating heart of your marketing, but no one will visit, out of the blue. You need to drive them there. Social Media cannot be a simple after thought, implemented by juniors. Digital alone will not work by itself, and needs to tie in with real life. Radio, local press, voice search, legitimate interest direct marketing and cold calling, all work  together.

The only problem, your time and budget does not stretch enough. Here is where we could help: uncluttering your marketing, breathing life into your brand, crafting powerful messages and deploying them through a mix of digital and real life channels, timed to maximise the bang for your buck.

At Purple Orca we combine the power of language – written and visual – with digital solutions and full integrated offline and online campaigns. A double punch of technology and scientifically crafted message.

One, two!


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