From the new Internet English to the CRITICAL business exercise of BREATHING LIFE BACK into Your BRAND

This article looks at how language is a living organism and how language which “always worked” might not do so anymore – with dramatic consequences for businesses in every industry. Millennials are native speakers of a new type of English. The “Internet English” has emerged to convey rhythm, cadence, emphasis and even body language. (1) […]

“Me Too” Will Kill Your Business

Digital marketing value proposition:- you can reach millions for a fractions of a cost. But the millions are somewhat indifferent to your message. Language matters. Purple Orca draws power from the crafted word. We read and write. A lot. Science. Code. Semiotics. Engineering. 3D. AI. Poetry. Blogs. What’s in it for me? (1) You will […]

Double Punch: What you say + where you say it. Result.

What you say: This is how a simple choice of words can make or break your lead generation: Example: “Xbrand is a solution.” = equals “one of many, I simply cannot be asked to be looking into this” Better: “Xbrand is the solution for you” = “hm, seems that I am that ‘you’. Let me […]