Customer Journey

The customer journey is the sum of all interactions between your brand, your company and its customers alongside the marketing funnel, during the sales and after-sales processes, and even afterward.

Your aim is to provide both the best experience and, at the same time eliminate all friction in order to enable sales and a positive brand perception, transforming your customers into ambassadors.

Mapping the customer service will serve two purposes: visualize it and understand the length of the sales cycle, and identify critical points where there is friction in order to address the issue.

Purple Orca will work with your sales team and customer service to collect the information regarding the customer experience and will create a visual map of your customers' journey.

Christina D’oro Hooley

• The Sales enabler
• Offering Full stack marketing Solutions through Purple Orca Marketing
• A Sophisticated marketer using interdisciplinary approach between data, creative and emerging technologies.

“I work with businesses, personal brands, and products that struggle to get their message across because they are unclear and scattered in their approach. I do this by offering full stack marketing solutions, a 360 degrees solution centered around strategy and I enable sales through sophisticated marketing based on applied semiotics