From the new Internet English to the CRITICAL business exercise of BREATHING LIFE BACK into Your BRAND

This article looks at how language is a living organism and how language which “always worked” might not do so anymore – with dramatic consequences for businesses in every industry. Millennials are native speakers of a new type of English. The “Internet English” has emerged to convey rhythm, cadence, emphasis and even body language. (1) […]

Double Punch: What you say + where you say it. Result.

What you say: This is how a simple choice of words can make or break your lead generation: Example: “Xbrand is a solution.” = equals “one of many, I simply cannot be asked to be looking into this” Better: “Xbrand is the solution for you” = “hm, seems that I am that ‘you’. Let me […]

Video Branding. Sound Matters

Purple Orca is now able to offer original soundtrack which your brand can use for your social video, radio and TV advertising, for events and presentations, call waiting etc. #MarketingMonday #enablingsales #videomarketing #socialvideo #radio #TV We are starting the week on a high!

Branding and Graphic Design. by purple orca

Creative use of visual storytelling for branding via graphic design Branding  for Nat Schooler- social media specialist which uses graphic design as medium Nathaniel has quite a fascinating story and he is the go to person when looking for confident online communication. This branding has been applied before he has become part of the IBM Futurist team. […]