World-class Video Production

This week is getting better every day, and it is only Tuesday! Purple Orca has formed a partnership with Mediamant to provide its customers with world-class video production! Please click below  to view

Needs and Wants – Key to Shorter Customer Journey. Sales Enablement

Selling & Branding start with understanding. #marketing #monday #marketing-Monday // Needs are universal, wants are cultural. Everyone is hungry, but what would you want to eat is conditioned by where you grew up, what your mother cooked etc To even begin your strategic marketing, before calling the marketing agency you need to understand profoundly your […]

Video Branding. Sound Matters

Purple Orca is now able to offer original soundtrack which your brand can use for your social video, radio and TV advertising, for events and presentations, call waiting etc. #MarketingMonday #enablingsales #videomarketing #socialvideo #radio #TV We are starting the week on a high!

#deletefacebook A Pointless Exercise

I really do not see the point of #deletefacebook exercise. a) the deed is done ✅ b) even if you delete all digital accounts, still the deed is done ✅ c) you can’t delete your bank accounts, and your email, the high street shops are dwindling, so you need to fall off grid completely, and […]

Social Media Management from £400 per month

Social Media Management – First and Last Impression

Social Media: first impressions. How do you know your prospect customers will search for your exact product? How do you raise their interest? How can you be pro active? Outreach? Without interrupting? How much does it cost you to manage your social media? Do you want to have the first impression managed by a junior […]

The Fashionable Fear – Robot Implant Dentist

There is now a viable ROBOT IMPLANT DENTIST! How do you feel about it? How are you going to prepare? Will you embrace the technology in your practice? Read more how China has perfected the procedure in which a robot is placing two dental implants in one hour.

Account Based Marketing

Account Based Marketing Basics Suitable for B2B marketing Account Based Marketing has higher ROI and it is more closely aligned with sales. What does #abm require? 1. Research of decision factors within a company, sometimes manual research 2. Content tailored to a market of one. Inbound marketing for one. Content which helps 3. Use of […]

Branding and Graphic Design. by purple orca

Creative use of visual storytelling for branding via graphic design Branding  for Nat Schooler- social media specialist which uses graphic design as medium Nathaniel has quite a fascinating story and he is the go to person when looking for confident online communication. This branding has been applied before he has become part of the IBM Futurist team. […]