“Me Too” Will Kill Your Business

Digital marketing value proposition:- you can reach millions for a fractions of a cost. But the millions are somewhat indifferent to your message. Language matters. Purple Orca draws power from the crafted word. We read and write. A lot. Science. Code. Semiotics. Engineering. 3D. AI. Poetry. Blogs. What’s in it for me? (1) You will […]

Needs and Wants – Key to Shorter Customer Journey. Sales Enablement

Selling & Branding start with understanding. #marketing #monday #marketing-Monday // Needs are universal, wants are cultural. Everyone is hungry, but what would you want to eat is conditioned by where you grew up, what your mother cooked etc To even begin your strategic marketing, before calling the marketing agency you need to understand profoundly your […]

Social Media Management from £400 per month

Social Media Management – First and Last Impression

Social Media: first impressions. How do you know your prospect customers will search for your exact product? How do you raise their interest? How can you be pro active? Outreach? Without interrupting? How much does it cost you to manage your social media? Do you want to have the first impression managed by a junior […]

Account Based Marketing

Account Based Marketing Basics Suitable for B2B marketing Account Based Marketing has higher ROI and it is more closely aligned with sales. What does #abm require? 1. Research of decision factors within a company, sometimes manual research 2. Content tailored to a market of one. Inbound marketing for one. Content which helps 3. Use of […]